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How to Correctly Apply an Eye Cream

2 min read

Shiri Sarfati Shares how to correctly apply an eye cream - and see why simply rubbing it in can actually make it worse!     Hi I’m Shiri Sarfati, and I want to share my tip with you on how to apply an eye cream. People always ask about this and just because your eye cream is chocked full of great ingredients doesn’t mean it’s time to take a big scoop of it, rub it into your eyes, and goop it all over. What’s going to happen is your eyes with become red, irritated, and maybe swollen; also rubbing in your eye cream too strongly is going to manipulate your skin in the wrong ways and can actually cause further wrinkling of the skin, so we want to avoid that by applying our eye cream in the correct way.   First, we take our spatula, please see my video on why it’s important to use a spatula with you eye creams,and we’re going to use the Opti-Firm® Eye Contour Cream. This is such a great luxurious cream with antioxidants and wonderful seaweeds to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, help with the de-puffing around the eye area and dark circles. So, we’re going to take the spatula, take a nice, little scoop of the cream, apply it onto our fingers and just lightly tap around the eye area using what we call in the esthetic world, tapotement movements. You’re going to tap rapidly around the eye contour area; this is really great for helping increase circulation around the eye area and helps with reducing the appearance of wrinkles as well, without tugging at your skin. And then what I like to do is take a little of the eye cream and use it between the brows, this area is called the corrugator, which is known for getting the furrowing of the brow. We just want to loosen this area up with a little bit of friction and nice upward and outward movements, and then we can also do a little scissor movement around the forehead area to relieve any stress and tension. Bring down the eye cream in nice, circular, gentle movements and you can also do what we call a figure 8, you just make a figure 8 around the eye area and just use a few more light, circular movements with some more tapping around the eye area, and viola!   You can do that for 2-3 minutes, twice a day for great looking, brighter, more youthful looking eyes.   I hope you enjoyed this tip, please do leave your comments below if you did! Also, let me know if you have pressing beauty questions on your mind and hopefully you will see them in one of my next videos. Thank you so much!

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