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How to Get Your Body Glowing for Your Date!

1 min read

Valentine’s Day is almost here, meaning it’s time to pamper your body for the big night! This week we want to give you some tips on how achieve that perfect glow below the neck and be irresistible.


First you must relax! Stress shows on your skin and face. Take a Vita Cura Seaweed Bath! This is the perfect way to unwind and have your entire body feeling super hydrated and skin silky smooth.


Afterwards apply nourishing body oil all over! This is especially important for your skin that needs some nourishment from the cold weather. Our Vita Cura Nutrí Oil is perfect, as it gives your skin that glow instantly, without a greasy feeling!


It applies smoothly and leaves a beautiful satin finish to leave your skin super silky.  Your date won’t able to keep his or her hands off of you.


As an extra tip, if you have no time for a bath hop in the shower with our Sea Spa Body Wash instead, and follow with the Vita Cura Nutrí Oil.


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day everyone & of course don’t forget to share my tip with your friends!

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