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Create a Red Room (of Pleasure!)

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In case you (somehow) haven’t heard, the much anticipated 50 Shades of Grey film debuts in theaters today. If you’re a fan of the series, then you’re certainly familiar with the Red Room. For those who aren’t, put lightly, this is Christian Grey’s sanctuary where he and “submissive” Anastasia Steele (let’s just say), spice things up a bit! With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, and in the spirit of spicing things up for the occasion, we wanted to provide some tips on how you can re-create a more pleasurable version of the Red Room.


Tip 1 – Get the atmosphere right. Put on your sexiest lingerie from Agent Provocateur, and set the mood. Dim the lights, have some sexy music going and make sure the room is clear of all outside world distractions. In the Red Room, no cell phones, televisions, or computers exist. The focus should only be on you and your significant other.


Tip 2 – Two words – body oil. In the series, Anastasia describes being amazed at Christian Grey’s versatile uses of baby oil. Even if you’re not into the lifestyle of Christian and Anastasia, you too can have a little fun with oil! Exchange couples massages with an exotic body oil after unwinding in a luxurious bath with one another, and this will surely set the mood.


Tip 3 – Foot fetish? Okay, even if you don’t literally have a foot fetish, you can certainly have a little fun with your loved one playing footsies. Spice things up by incorporating a nourishing foot cream into play time, (which will also help to nourish your feet!)


As a special treat, we’ll be giving away a Vita Cura® Triple Action Nutrí Oil (8 fl oz/236ml) to 28 lucky winners!For a chance to win, just CLICK HERE to fill out an entry form.  


How will you be spicing things up with your Valentine this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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