Hydra Medic® Sea Mud Perfecting Mask

Deep pore cleansing and purifying mask
  • Purify and cleanse skin with this natural sea mud mask. Hydra Medic Sea Mud Perfecting Mask reduces oiliness and virtually shrinks large pores. Absorbs excess sebum and impurities, leaving skin clean and refreshed. Use twice weekly or anytime deep pore cleansing is desired.

    Hydra Medic is your answer to acne at any age. Our unique formula based on natural ingredients deep pore cleanses, purifies and controls breakouts while maintaining skin moisture balance. Dermatologist tested so won't cause skin sensitivity. Leaves skin healthier and smoother looking. 

    Size: 4fl oz / 120 ml

  • Ichthammol
    A mineral derived mixture, it’s mined from the Tyrolean Alps in Central Europe. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Used to absorb excess sebum and help cleanse the skin from bacteria.

    Kaolin Clay
    Used for its oil absorbing properties, Kaolin clay refines the skin and helps clear breakouts.

    Zinc Oxide
    A soft white mineral used for its astringent, healing, and soothing absorbent properties. Micronized version is a mineral sunscreen.

    Titanium Dioxide
    An inorganic oxide occurring in nature. Used as an absorbent.

    Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Extract
    Obtained through steam distillation of the leaves of Eucalyptus Globulus. Valued for its awakening, revitalizing fragrance. A strong antiseptic with healing and stimulating properties. A vaso-dilator that helps improve circulation.

    Sodium PCA
    Occurs naturally in human skin and is responsible for binding moisture to the cells. Highly water-absorbing and used as an excellent humectant. A component of the NMF (natural moisturizing factor).

    An extract of the comfrey plant. An unsurpassed natural healing agent.

  • On thoroughly cleansed skin, spread a generous amount of the mask in an upward motion over the entire face. Let dry for 10-15 minutes. Remove with warm water.

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