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How to Get Rid of an Emergency Pimple Before a Big Event

2 min read

Shiri Sarfati shares her beauty tip for an emergency breakout. Please leave your comments below if you have a similar story- share it with us!     Hi I’m Shiri Sarfati, and I want to share with you my beauty tip for that emergency pimple removal right before a big event. We had a big event this Monday night at the Lang Lang Music Foundation Inaugural Gala at Carnegie Hall, which Repêchage was a proud sponsor, and of course the night before I had that pesky pustule or white head pop up.   So, I reached for the my Hydra Medic® Clear Complexion Drying Lotion, and actually our Hydra Medic® line was featured on last week’s Today Show, nationwide, so it was really exciting. This drying lotion is phenomenal; it has sulfur and salicylic acid. You just open up the bottle, it has a little sharp edge to it and you put it directly on the zit and leave it on over night, even though it probably won’t be so glamorous, but hopefully the lights will be off so no one will notice!   And I have to say this, please, please, please close this very tight, air tight! This product is a drying lotion, so it will dry out your zit but it will also dry out in the bottle if you don’t close it tightly in between uses. A little quick tip, if it does by any chance dry out in the bottle, what I do is take my Hydra Medic® Astringent, put a few drops in the bottle, shake it up well and it’s good as new! Also, you should shake the bottle in-between uses as well.   So on cleansed skin, put this directly on the pustule and you’ll leave it on overnight and wake up in the morning and cleanse your skin and that zit will be gone and you will look beautiful for your big night out!  

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