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How To Repair Post Summer Sun Skin Damage

2 min read

Shiri shares her tip for post Memorial Day sun damage! We know many of you have requested a video on how to use Rapidex® Marine Exfoliator With Phyto-Marine Activessowe hope this is helpful. Please share, like and comment below to let us know if you enjoyed this beauty tip.     Hi, I’m Shiri Sarfati and I hope everyone had a very enjoyable long weekend! Hopefully it involved some fun and sun, of course I hope you were armed with your SPF, but if you got some sun damage over the weekend I have the perfect anecdote to that spotting on the face; a favorite product of mine, Rapidex®, which actually stands for rapid exfoliation. This is a chemical exfoliation that utilizes marine hydroxy acids and alpha hydroxy acids. You just squeeze and twist the tub; it’s a unidose program, so you can never over exfoliate your skin, and we know that over exfoliation can yield more damage to your skin, so we always want to have controlled exfoliation, especially when it comes to chemical exfoliation.   What I love about this product is that it’s already a pre-saturated cotton swab and you can use this all over your face, neck, and décolleté, especially if you were wearing an unbuttoned shirt or v-neck shirt it’s really important to do this post summer exfoliation in the neck and décolleté area to make sure that we’re repairing any damage that we’ve done, and again you apply the product all over the face. Then, I love to take whatever is left over on the swab and simply swipe it along the tops of my hands, because of course as we know, the hands are always exposed in the winter, summer, spring, and fall and we can have a lot of sun damage on the hand area that will reveal our age. We don’t want to have dark spots or discoloration on our hands, so it’s really important to exfoliate.   Use this program 14 days on and 14 days off and remember if you are using Rapidex® you always want to use a daily SPF, just to have a nice protection, especially when you’re using a chemical exfoliation system.   So, this is a phenomenal product you can use for post summer damage and post sun damage to make sure you have balanced and wonderful, smoother looking skin that is clearer and has less of an appearance of hyperpigmentation around your areas of concern. This is a great post-summer, post-sun trick and I hope you enjoy the fabulous next couple of months. Also, make sure you wear your SPF, sunglasses, and always wear a hat to protect your skin from any environmental damage!

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