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How To Prevent & What Causes Ingrown Hairs

3 min read

We all want our bodies to look sexy and smooth so naturally we shave, but sometimes we end up with ingrown hairs and a less than sexy look. Check out Shiri’s tip on how to help get a nice close shave, free of razor bumps and ingrowns!


  Hi, I’m Shiri Sarfati and I want to share my tip with you on perfecting ingrowns. It’s summer and we all want smooth shaven legs and underarms, and unfortunately shaving on a daily basis can cause coarser hair with blunter edges that can curl back, penetrate the skin cause something called an ingrown, also know as razor bumps. So here you are trying to get smooth sexy legs, clean shaven underarms, and now you have something that is quite unsightly. Unfortunately, these can also later on become infected, they can also become darker and cause the skin to darken, and worst yet they can cause some scarring.   So it’s really important as we hit the summer months that we take a little extra time to exfoliate our skin before getting that close shave on our legs. And also, I would recommend, instead of shaving, if you don’t have to shave, try to go in for a professional treatment like waxing that removes the hair from the root or electrolysis which also removes the hair from the root and can help prevent the hair growth on a more permanent basis. But if you are shaving, exfoliation is going to be key. I want to share with you two different types of exfoliators that you can used on your body during the summer months.   First is our Sea Spa Salt Glow Natural Exfoliator with Dead Sea Salts and this is so refreshing, this is like a day on the beach, it’s wonderful. It has pure fresh sea salts, oils, peppermint, it’s smells wonderful, and I like the salts because they give you a nice coarser exfoliation and also the olive oil gives you that nice smoothness so it really hydrates the skin. So you get a double whammy here with exfoliation and hydration. You can use this in the shower, do a nice little massage all over you legs, your buttocks, your arms, even your elbows, and under your underarms as well, to really make sure to prevent that blockage and ingrowns from happening. Do this on a daily basis in your shower. This is called mechanical exfoliation because I’m actually manipulating the seas salts and causing friction on my skin.   Another type of exfoliation that you can utilize on your skin and body is something that we have called Rapidex® Marine Exfoliator With Phyto-Marine Actives, for rapid exfoliation, this is a chemical exfoliation and here we’re using marine hydroxy acids and alpha hydroxy acids as well. What I love about this is that it’s already a pre-saturated cotton swab with the solution on it inside the tube. You can use this on the areas you tend to get ingrowns, you can go close to the bikini line, but obviously this is for external use only, but we do know that around the bikini area you can get ingrowns, it’s a prime area for ingrowns. I like it because it’s a very controlled exfoliation treatment and you simply swipe your skin with the cotton swab on the area that tends to get the ingrown hairs as well. Also, if you do waxing, you can do this in between you waxing services as well. So these are my two recommendations for great smooth skin all summer long. If you’re going to do your hair removal process make sure you’re preventing those skin irritations, ingrowns, and razor bumps.

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