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Give Mom a Day Off…Mother’s Day Spa-at-Home Tips

2 min read

As a mother, there is never a real “day off”... But do try to give her a little spa pampering this mother’s day…at least enough time to feel like she got away from it all even if she’s still at home.   Here are my mother day at-home spa tips to get her feeling fabulous!   Wake up to a beautiful tote filled with her favorite spa products! We created the ultimate spa gift with our Vita Cura Platinum Collection in a signature silver tote that feels wonderfully luxurious – yes, like waking up in silk sheets!   Let her unwrap her goodies in the bathroom. While she indulges in a mini at-home spa facial, you have time to make her a nice breakfast: include fresh berries and freshly squeezed juice for a little detox.   Do a little tidying up while she reads the morning paper or plays with the kids. If she doesn’t have to think about a messy home, she will feel much more relaxed about enjoying the day!   Take a family walk in the park, a bike ride along a shaded path, or do a little window-shopping.  Enjoy an early family dinner. Before bedtime, draw mom a bath with Sea Salts or make it a Bubble Bath. Light some candles, dim the lights and let her relax for 20 minutes. Lay a spa robe near the tub so that she can emerge and warm up in cozy terrycloth.   Have the bedroom be relaxing as well with soothing music and dimmed lights, while she rests for 10 minutes on the bed after the bath. If you have little ones, tuck them in so she doesn’t have to.   After all that walking, treat her to a foot massage and cozy up together.   Trust me, she will thank you for the most wonderful mother’s day yet!   PS – surprise her with this spa at-home on any day of the week!

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