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Hand & Cuticle Moisturizing Tip

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I’m Shiri Sarfati and I’m here to share with you a great tip for hands to keep them looking youthful and hydrated. As you know, your hands are the first place to reveal your age so just as it is important to take care of your face it is also important to bring your skincare routine to your hands.     So, use the Essential Oil of Seaweed and apply to the cuticles and around the nail bed to keep it well hydrated – it is often neglected and dried out. This is actually is going to keep your manicures looking better longer, just apply throughout the week in-between manicure visits. Essential Oil of Seaweed is rich with Tocopherol (which is another word for Vitamin E) which is a natural anti-oxidant valued for its soothing and regenerating properties. Then I apply the Sea Spa Hand Cream – this is rich is seaweeds, shea butter and is super moisturizing and hydrating. You really want to work this in and all the way up to your elbows – we don’t want chicken elbows! I keep it right by my bedside and give myself a nice massage before bed. What’s great about this hand cream also is that it doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy.

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