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How to Create an Airbrush Foundation Makeup Look

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  I want to share with you my tip to make sure that your foundation never looks cakey and always looks wonderful, smooth and flawless. First, take your Repêchage Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation, I use number 2, and pour a little into a soufflé cup. Then I add a few drops of the Repêchage C-Serum, this has wonderful vitamins, minerals, amino acids and provides great moisture binding properties for your skin. Just mix the two together with a disposable sponge. I love using disposable sponges because you know you aren’t putting bacteria onto the skin – after you use this just throw it away and use a new one the next time you apply your foundation.   Apply your foundation all over your skin, forehead, checks, nose and don’t forget to bring your foundation down your neck. You also want to bring the foundation onto the ears and behind the ears as well to make sure that you don’t have a foundation mask. This is going to give you that airbrush finish to your look and also provide you with protection with an SPF of 12.  

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