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How-To Make the Most of Your Beauty Sleep

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Hi, I’m Shiri Sarfati and I want to share with you a great overnight beauty tip that will make you look fabulous and refreshed when you wake up. Long term, it will help you to control habitual movements that you make have while you are having a fitful sleep.


This is our Sweet Dreams promotion and while supplies last, if you buy the Repêchage Eye Rescue Pads, you are going to receive this silk, signature Repêchage Eye Mask – absolutely free! Now, why should you sleep with an eye mask? When you go to bed, and you’re stressed out, and you have a fitful sleep, you may actually be wrinkling in your sleep without even knowing it!  So, even though it is super important to use a nightly, restorative skin care regimen, it is also important to try and control those habitual movements that you are doing in your sleep. You may not even know that you are wrinkling your forehead or crinkling your eyes in the middle of the night. A silk eye mask is wonderful to sleep with every single evening to help relax and control those movements that you may be doing involuntarily. An eye mask gives you a more peaceful, more restful sleep and helps you wake up refreshed, wrinkle-free and look less creased-out in the morning. Sometimes, we sleep with on our pillows, with our heads buried in the pillows, or we sleep on our stomachs and then we wake up with creases all over our skin. An eye mask is a wonderful way of preventing those creases on your skin or forehead furrowing you make involuntarily do while you are thinking the things that happened earlier that day.


So, wear your eye mask every evening! It’s so glamorous and reminiscent of the 1950s of waking up with an eye mask and it looks beautiful! You will wake up feeling more refreshed, crease-free and bright-eyed. Couple it with our Eye Rescue Pads (check out my video on these fan-favorites here: Beauty Tip for Tired, Puffy Eyes). When your alarm goes off, pop on two of our pads and hit snooze for 10 minutes, and feel extra refreshed, de-puffed and ready to face the day!


I hope you liked this beauty tip! Tell us in the comments below your tips on how to get a more peaceful night’s sleep!

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