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Friday the 13th Beauty Edition Superstition!

1 min read


Today is Friday the 13th – the perfect night to curl up to a horror movie and indulge in some ghoulish fun! In honor of this spooky day we rounded up some beauty superstitious!


  • If you pull out one grey hair, eight more will come to its funeral!
  • If you make an ugly face for too long you will stay that way (but you may end up with habitual wrinkles!)
  • Dirt causes breakouts. Although we do recommend you wash regularly.
  • If your eyelash falls out, blow it off your finger and make a wish!
  • If you break a mirror you could have 7 years bad luck


Hopefully you don’t fall prey to these beauty superstitions…but I do hope you enjoy your scary flick this evening- and try not to get too scared that you miss out on your “beauty rest!” a restful night sleep is essential to having healthy skin!


Do you believe in superstitions? Tell us in the comments below!


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