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Acne Skin Care Tips for Teens

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Hi, I’m Natalie Otto, licensed Esthetician and Corporate Educator at Repêchage. Today I would like to share with you our acne skin care tips for teenage skin.



During puberty, hormone levels are changing, which is causing more oil production. When too much oil is produced, black heads become are becoming more visible and acne flare ups are becoming the norm.


One of our tips for teens is not to touch your face – especially after physical activity! A kit that you can carry with you in your gym bag is the Hydra Medic® Travel/Starter Collection. Use these products after your workout activity, keep them in your locker, and this will ensure that you have clear skin.


We know there is temptation, but don’t dig at your skin and start popping your pimples! Instead, apply the Hydra Medic® Clear Complexion Drying Lotion as your “zit zapper” overnight. Just apply on the pimple or on those pesky pimples that are underneath your skin.


Lastly, girls this one is for you. Don’t cover your pimples or blemishes with heavy makeup! It really eliminates the oxygen in your pores, and makes the situation worse. Instead, use Repêchage Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation made with natural ingredients like seaweed, and zinc oxide to give you a flawless and natural protection for your skin.


Use these tips for clear skin, and if you like my tip, click “like” and share with your friends!


Thank you!

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