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The Nitty, Gritty – Plastic vs. Natural Exfoliators for the Skin

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Granular exfoliation can be a great way to slough dead skin, but did you ever think about what was going down your drain? According to the New York Daily News, the state of New York may ban the use of these plastic microbeads in exfoliators. According to the article, lawmakers have expressed concern for the beads entering and polluting bodies of water. On 5gyres.org, their campaign claims to have found, in some cases, more than 600,000 plastic beads per square kilometer when visiting The Great Lakes in 2012! Micro-scrubbers = macro-pollution. Not only can these beads kill the fish who consume them, but they could come back full cycle and enter our food chain.


So if you don’t want to be a litterbug, avoid exfoliators labeled “polyethylene.” These are the exfoliators that carry the plastic microbeads. Not only are these beads bad for the environment, but they can lead to microscopic tears on your skin, which can cause inflammation and redness.


Instead, seek out natural exfoliators, like our One-Minute Exfoliating Mask. Our One-Minute Exfoliating Mask is made with natural ingredients, with tiny spheres of rice bran wax and lactic acid being the key combination for exfoliation. These 100% natural granules help to remove dead skin without over drying. Other natural exfoliates include almond meal and oatmeal, which are found in our Honey and Almond Scrub. Ground almonds make excellent natural exfoliators. They work wonderfully and are soft in texture when combined with sweet almond oil so they won’t be harsh on your skin.  Best part? They’re biodegradable – no carbon foot print here!


Are you environmentally conscious when it comes to beauty? Tell us in the comments below!

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