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3 Steps to Matte Skin

2 min read

Hi I’m Natalie Otto, licensed esthetician and Corporate Educator for Repêchage.



Today I have a special spring time beauty tip for you – 3 simple steps for matte skin!


Step 1: Eliminate the shine on your face. For that I recommend T-Zone Balance Shine Control Serum. You can apply this serum all over your face or on the areas of concern. For me, those areas are forehead, nose and chin. I just like to move it around, gently on my forehead, nose, and a little on my chin. This is your step number 1.


Step 2: Just because you don’t have acne, doesn’t mean you will not benefit from our Hydra Medic Mattifying Moisturizer. It has zinc oxide to protect your skin naturally from the sun and also to calm and soothe the skin. Now this one you can apply just all over your face and you can put on your neck as well. What I like to do is very light effleurage movements.  This helps not to only eliminate the shine, but protect your skin from blemishes.


Step 3: Use our Natural Finish Pressed Powder as a great addition to your makeup, and a great addition to this routine to eliminate shine and get your skin nice and matte. I like to apply it with a brush. It really goes on beautifully and helps to eliminate any kind of shine on my face. Apply and toss it in your purse in case you need any kind of touch-ups throughout the day!


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