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How to Choose a Facial Cleanser

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Untitled-2We all know the first step to clear skin is cleansing – but with all the facial cleansers out there, which one do you choose? Just as important as the rest of your regimen, you should be choosing the correct cleanser for your skin type. To help make this decision-making process a little easier, we’ve come up with a simple break down for you.


Creamy Cleansers –If aging skin is your concern, a creamy cleanser will benefit your skin. Over time your skin tends to be dehydrated as sebum production slows down with age. Thus, you want a creamier and richer cleanser like the Vita Cura® Triple Action Cleansing Cream with hydrating, nourishing and anti-oxidant rich seaweed, rejuvenating Shea Butter, and moisturizing Squalene, that will leave your skin cleansed and smooth, never taut or dry. If you want a cleanser that focuses on brightening your skin and evening your skin tone the Biolight™ Brightening Cleanser is a great choice. This is also creamy to provide hydration for your skin, and specifically the clinically proven Bellis Daisy extract will work to make age spots less visible. It’s one power-packed cleanser!


If your skin becomes red, inflamed, or swells easily, or you suffer from a skin condition such a eczema or rosacea, then you also need a creamy cleanser. Specifically, one with calming ingredients, and that does not use of detergents that can cause further reaction from your skin, such as the Repêchage Hydra 4® Cleanser. This cleanser contains naturally hydrating olive extracts that remove debris and makeup. A combination of various seaweeds including Laminiaria Digitata, Enteromorpha Compressa, known for reducing puffiness on the skin, Anhfeltia Concinna, known for providing intense hydration, skin soothing and skin repairing qualities, and Carrageenan, known for it’s emollient properties, make this the perfect cleanser to use to avoid reaction from your skin.


Gel Cleansers –If pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads are what you see when you look in the mirror, your cleanser of choice should be the Hydra Medic® Face Wash Foaming Gel Cleanser. This gel cleanser contains Salicylic Acid, a key ingredient that helps to neutralize bacteria, gently exfoliate the skin, and is an anti-acne active. Acne also causes inflammation, which the green tea in this cleanser helps to counter-act with it’s soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits. This gel cleanser creates a soft foam to leave your skin feeling super-deep cleaned.


Foaming Cleansers –Is your skin is flaky and loaded with dry patches? Your skin’s moisture level is low and in need of hydration! Hydra Dew® Gentle Cleansing Mousse with Codium Tomentosum Seaweed is the perfect first step to hydrated skin. This particular seaweed is known to help increase moisture by 50% long term. Plus, in this foaming cleanser is calming and soothing waterlily and willowherb, and naturally softening and moisturizing sunflower that all help to leave your skin moisturized, clean and smooth.


If you can’t pin-point your skin type as any of the above, you may want to use a neutral cleanser, such as Repêchage Sea Cleanse® Foaming Seaweed Cleanser. This is a foaming type of soap-free cleanser that won’t leave your skin dry or taut, and is made with soy protein and two select EcoCert Seaweeds that nourish and rebalance your skin with a wealth of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Plus, green tea protects the skin against free radicals, and grapefruit extract provides cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.



You may have a combination of the characteristics mentioned for each skin type, which makes choosing a cleanser ALSO a choice based on what your biggest skin concern is. Plus, don’t be afraid to switch up your routine from time to time, especially as the seasons change and different skin care concerns may come about!


Which Repêchage cleanser is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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