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How to Cleanse Your Face – The Right Way!

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Hi I’m Natalie Otto, licensed esthetician and Corporate Educator at Repêchage. Today, I want to demonstrate for you one of the most important components of skin care – cleansing.  Aside from choosing the right cleanser, in order to make sure debris and makeup are being removed the right way, you have to cleanse the right way!



In one of my previous videos, I showed you how to remove eye-makeup the right way. This is your first step to clean skin, so make sure to check out that video before cleansing your entire face.


I personally use Sea Cleanse® Foaming Seaweed Cleanser because it has a lightweight, moose consistency. This soap free cleanser nourishes the skin with Laminaria Digitata seaweed and purifies the skin without over drying. The way you are going to use this cleanser is to squeeze a few pumps onto your hands and apply it on your face, all over, and massage in circular movements. Make sure to really pay attention to the nose creases, chin area, and forehead as this is where the most amount of debris and dead cells are collected. Once I do the massage with the cleanser, I am going to use cotton and moisten it with lukewarm water. I am going to remove the cleanser with the cotton. Use another piece of cotton if there is still cleanser on your skin. You may repeat this cleansing if you have a lot of makeup on. Now that the cleanser and makeup is off, I am going to splash my face with water to make sure everything is off the skin! After you splash your face, take a non-fragranced soft tissue and blot very gently. It is important not to rub as this can be very irritating for your skin.


Now that your face is cleansed, I recommend to follow up with the appropriate toner, and then use a serum, as well as night cream or day cream.


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