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3 Skin Care Tips for the Girl on the Go

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Last week we talked about our 2 for 1 tip for men, but we know when it comes to beauty routines, ladies sometimes need an easy-way out too! For those constantly on the go, we wanted to share our 3 skin care tips.


  1. Our first tip is to take advantage of shower time. If you find yourself skipping out on masking, which are usually suggested to stay on for 10-15 minutes, shower time can be a great time to squeeze this in. Put on a mask while you’re shampooing or shaving, and remove before the end of your shower.
  2. Our second tip is take advantage of your night stand – If you find you’re already snuggled up in bed and find yourself lazy to revive your pimple or night cream from the bathroom, keep them on your nightstand and at your fingertips, ready to put on right before bed.
  3. Our last tip has to do with makeup – If you find yourself having no time to apply foundation, eye liner, mascara, and the whole ordeal, at least go for a bold lip, like our Mantra Conditioning Lip Gloss. This is a very hydrating lip gloss and the color is just beautiful.A bold lip can help liven up your look and really do the trick of pulling it all together.


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