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I’m an Adult! Why am I Breaking Out?

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Let’s face it – acne isn’t just for teens. Acne can hit us at any age. What’s important for us all to know is what may be triggering such breakouts and what we can do to minimize them!


1) Smart phones (Not so smart for your skin!)

“Bacteria and cell phones” – google this and you’ll find claims from some that your phone is as dirty as a toilet seat. While we haven’t done scientific research to substantiate these claims, we can state that cell phones are loaded with bacteria. These same phones are coming into contact with our skin every day, which may be triggering breakouts for all of us.


What you can do: Carry sanitary wipes with you so you can clean your screen regularly. We also suggest to make an effort to limit the contact your phone has with your face – opt for your speaker phone or texting!


2) Not cleansing properly.

This one applies to people of all ages, but it’s still an essential to prevent breakouts. Remember, cleansing is meant to remove oil and bacteria from your skin, the two main causes of acne!


What you can do: Don’t just splash your face with water, and then (even worse) rinse with a dirty towel! Incorporate the right cleanser for your skin type and wash your face the right way! Your method of application and removal are just as important as the cleanser you choose.


3) Hormone level fluctuations

As if suffering through the time of the month weren’t enough, changes in hormone levels can also trigger breakouts, and flare ups can happen during menopause too. During perimenopause, the stage that leads in to menopause, male hormones stay the same, while female hormones drop. This change in proportion causes the body to react with an “increase” in the level of male hormones in the body. With the rise in the male hormone testosterone, more oil is produced. This same change in hormone levels is what happens during your menstrual cycle and why you may be experience your “time-of-the-month” breakouts.


What you can do: The week before your period, or if you are experiencing menopause, make sure to cleanse day and night and exfoliate! Combining excess oil with excess skin cells that are abundant as a result of a lack of exfoliation, leads to breakouts.


4) Stress

As we get higher in age, it seems our stress levels move in an upward direction too. Unfortunately stress is equally damaging to external health as it is our mental health. When we stress, a hormone called cortisol is released which causes more oil production, thus leading to more breakouts.


What you can do: Easier said than done, of course, but stress less! Relax and unwind in an anti-stress bath, get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night, and let loose with 30-minutes of exercise each day to keep your stress to a minimum.


5) Pore-clogging cosmetics and sunscreens

Some of your favorite makeup products or sunscreens you’re using can be what’s causing breakouts. This is because some of these products are loaded with pore-clogging ingredients.


What you can do: You don’t need to cut out makeup or sunscreen altogether. Instead, look for products labeled non-comedogenic, oil-free, or “won’t clog pores.” Opt for physical sunscreens containing zinc oxide, which can actually help absorb oils that are on the skin.



Our last tip? If you’re dealing with any existing pimples, apply an overnight pimple cream. This is your SECRET WEAPON for acne! This will help clear up pimples and also prevent any unwanted discoloration that can form on your skin from the blemishes.


Have any questions about your acne? Tell us in the comments below!

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