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How to Treat Black Heads in Your Ears

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Hi! I’m Natalie Otto – licensed esthetician and Corporate Educator for Repêchage. Last I gave you tips on how to treat blackheads on your face… but what about treating those blackheads that appear in an unusual spot – your ears!



The reason why you’re getting blackheads in this area is because oil accumulation that is oxidizing. The oxidation is what causes the dark color to appear – it is not dirt in your pores! Insert img of blackhead in ear.


Treating blackheads in your ear is simple. Use an antibacterial solution, like our Hydra Medic Astringent on clean, cotton swab and wipe the entire area inside and behind the ear. Do this regularly to prevent new blackheads from forming & remind your esthetician to thoroughly check this area the next time you go for a facial.


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