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    Photo Credit: @faceluxe on Instagram

    The FIRST of it's kind, Rapidex Marine Exfoliator is the first unidose, at-home exfoliating program to harness the power of marine hydroxy acids. In just two weeks, you will see a younger, softer, clearer and brighter complexion with clarified texture and tone.

    Peel & Reveal For Younger Looking Skin

    RapideX is an international, best-selling sensation,  naturally helping to gently remove accumulated dead skin cells, oil or acne build-up, and lessen age spots and discoloration from over-exposure to the sun. The secret to it's success: it's unidose,  soft, over-sized cotton  swab applicator combined with mild AHAs derived from earth and sea. 

    Accept no imitations -  Rapidex Marine Exfoliator from Repêchage is the ORIGINAL unidose cotton swab at-home system utilizing phyto-marine actives and natural fruit acids.

    Gentle, Effective, Exfoliation

    Conventional resurfacing treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical and acid peels, and laser procedures can cause redness and inflammation from overly aggressive action. RapideX provides a safer, gentler, more controlled exfoliation while still providing professional grade results at home!

    RapideX:  An at-home exfoliating treatment used in salons and spas around the world that delivers professional results!

    What's In The Box?

    The Rapidex program contains everything you need to perform a perfectly balanced at-home micro peel with gentle yet effective results.  Inside the signature cobalt box you will find fourteen individual sealed applicators inspired by  hospital emergency medical supplies.  Twist off the cap to dispense our unique, over-sized cotton swabs saturated in fresh, perfectly balanced marine and plant hydroxy acids.

    See What Others Have To Say

    "This gentle-yet-effective formula is the newest addition to my nighttime routine. It leaves my skin refined, toned and radiant!"
    -Linda Kossoff, Executive Editor, DAYSPA Magazine

    "Slough off dry, dead skin without fear of over-exfoliating"
    -Beauty Launchpad Magazine

    "Leave skin clearer, brighter and smoother"
    -Modern Salon Magazine

    "It's a miracle."
    -Kim SeongHee


    Beauty Editors, Experts and Clients Agree
    RapideX is Their #1 Favorite
    Want to See For Yourself?  It's Easy!

    Six Reasons To Use RapideX


    RapideX exfoliation utilizes MHA--Marine Hydroxy Acid. The principle ingredient is Codiavelene, an active element from the seaweed Codium Coralina to gently loosen dead skin cells.


    The soft, oversized cotton swab and unique, medically inspired unidose application system ensure the product's purity, ease-of-use and efficacy every time.


    Multi-fruit extracts form the core of the gentle exfoliating system in Rapidex, utilizing mild glycolic acids derived from strawberry, kiwi and apple combined with lactic acid,  a gentle AHA derived from milk.  These are buffered by  natural anti-inflammatory ingredients such as chamomile and green tea, providing a controlled, gentle, yet effective at-home peel.


    Four different  potent seaweed extracts, including Laminaria digitata, Ascophyllum nodosum,  Corallina officianalis and Codium Tomentosum, hydrate and nourish the skin, are anti-inflammatory and provide powerful anti-oxidant protection... naturally.


    Want a closer, better shave? Rapidex helps to smooth the skin and soften the beard!.


    The unique swab applicator makes Rapidex ideal to spot-treat hyperpigmentation anywhere... including the back of the hands, neck and décolleté.

    How To Apply In 3 Easy Steps


    After your evening cleansing, break open the RapideX tube and carefully remove the saturated cotton swab.


    Using upward and outward motions, wipe the swab over the face and forehead, avoiding the eye area.


    Apply to neck with downward strokes.

    Sensitive skin: Only make one pass on skin area with unidose swab. Leave on 5 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.




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