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Lydia's Mission

“Since the launch of Repêchage in 1980, my personal commitment has been to provide the most innovative and effective skin care products. This commitment to stems from two things: from my background as an esthetician and from my own personal experience of the sea. It is a very interesting biological fact that we have the same percentage of salt in our veins as is present in sea water. Our tears, our sweat, even our intercellular fluid and blood all contain a similar percentage as that of sea water. This essential salt is what helps us maintain our vitality and health, and keeps our skin well-hydrated. It was for this reason that all the Repêchage products contain select pure seaweeds harvested from the pristine waters off the Brittany coast of France. We now have scientific information on the benefits of several different species, which are processed here at our manufacturing facility utilizing our proprietary technology. It is with this technology that we can help you realize your dream of having beautiful, healthy skin.”

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