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4 Things to Remember When Booking a Spa Treatment

2 min read

Whether you’re visiting the spa for a facial, wax, or body treatment – you want to make the best of your time and money spent there. To do so, make sure you are following these guidelines!

1. Schedule your appointment wisely.

Scheduling facials can be tricky, especially if you have an important event coming up! Our suggestion: Inform your esthetician as soon as possible if you do. Although it is a beauty myth that facials will always make your skin irritated and break out, an esthetician will be able to evaluate your skin, make a proper treatment recommendation, and know when to administer treatments based on the date of your big event. Scheduling waxing should also be done with forethought – 2-3 days prior to an event, especially if you have super sensitive skin. If this is the case, also locate a spa that carries our SeaSmooth Artisan Seaweed Wax – specifically designed to eliminate skin sensitivity.

2. After your facial, follow suggestions made by your esthetician.

You’ve probably just spent over an hour with an aesthetician who got to know your skin better than you do! He/she also listened to your concerns and has made appropriate recommendations on how to take care of your skin at home to reach your goals. The worst thing you can do is let this information go to waste! Don’t get lazy and skip out on following the routine, start to use a bar of soap instead, or attempt to make your own face scrub with half-crushed almonds or fruit seeds (this can actually scratch and tear your skin). Listen to your esthetician!

3. Don’t exfoliate before coming in for a professional treatment.

For facial treatments, don’t exfoliate the night before or day of. Simply put, this can be too much for the skin. Allow the esthetician to analyze your skin and do a professional exfoliation treatment for you.

For wax treatments, exfoliate daily to help reduce ingrown hairs! If you are scheduling a lip wax, skip exfoliation for a few days.

4. Don’t overlook consultation charts.

Just like at the doctor or dentist office, you have to fill out a consultation chart. Don’t overlook the importance of these. These questions are in your skin’s best interest, and allow skin care professionals to understand and treat your skin most effectively, provided you give honest and accurate information.


Skin care professionals: What are some other must-follow guidelines that you’d tell your clients? Tell us in the comments below!

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