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What To Pack In Your Beach Bag!

3 min read

Just in time for July 4th, Shiri Sarfati is sharing her must-have items to throw in your beach bag for a weekend getaway. “Share” and “Like” if you love this tip. And let us know what other beauty tips and advice you would like to hear!



Hi, I’m Shiri Sarfati and as we approach the July 4th weekend a lot of you may be hitting the beach, so I want to share with you my tips for what to pack in your beach bag and some safe sun and fun care tips as well.


Of course you’re going to pack your SPF 30, that’s a given, but I want to share some other beauty products with you to pack in your beach bag. My first one is the Algo Mist® Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray, if you’re going to be in this hot, humid weather that you’re having here in New York City, I definitely recommend taking this wherever you are, just spritz right over your makeup or anytime you need it, even on your body or arms. It just feels so great, cooling and refreshing on your skin. What’s great about this is the seaweed moisture binds, so it’s going to hydrate your skin longer while giving you that instant cooling, refreshing feeling.


I always pack a lip gloss no matter where I am and Repêchage has this great Conditioning Lip Gloss based on seaweed, and this is Aura, it’s one of my favorites. You can use it over any lipstick or you can just wear it alone. It smells wonderful and feels really nice, hydrating and buttery as well. So I love taking this to the beach.


Next, of course, a compact, our Natural Finish Pressed Powder, to check and make sure you look great all day long. Also, if you have any shininess throughout the day, I like to just do a little touch up. And what’s great about this compact is that it has sodium bicarbonate in it, as well as the natural seaweed, that gives you natural light reflection and protection as well. This is always great on top of your SPF. Also, since there is sodium bicarbonate in here, it makes sure that you’re not adding bacteria back into the compact, so it’s non-comedogenic and it won’t make you breakout which is fabulous!


Also, after running in and out of the ocean, I love to use our Hydra-Amino18® Hair Spa Serum. It has great UV protection and helps with styling stress, color fading and frizz so this is great. Check out my video on how to use this product!


And last but not least, if you spent way too many hours in the sun and you did get some redness or irritation from the sun grab the Hydra Soleil® Deep Relief Tea Gel, don’t leave for the beach without it! It has aloe, a synergistic tea blend, seaweeds and it’s going to cool and relieve any redness or irritation in the skin and you can just put this on all over, apres soleil, after the sun, to just cool down and feel nice and hydrated and never sticky, which I love!


So have great fun in the sun and remember to stay away from photosensitizers, like lime. I know some of you like to have drinks with lime in them but they could photosensitize on your skin. And also stay away from certain fragrances too that could become photosensitized like bergamot, or any of the citrus fruits as well. So, these are all great products to take with you because they won’t photosensitize on your skin, which is really important to look out for with all of the products you use while enjoying the sun.

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