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How To Get A Clear Summer Complexion

1 min read

Don’t let the summer heat mess with your complexion! Repechage Founder and CEO, Lydia Sarfati has a beauty tip to help keep your skin clear all Summer long and into the Fall! “Like” and “Share” if you enjoy this tip! And tell us what other beauty tips and advice you would like to hear about!



Hi, I’m Lydia Sarfati, the President and Founder of Repêchage. Repêchage means second chance and during the summertime we all need a second chance with our complexions! You know if you did too much sun bathing and used way too many sunscreens and oils you don’t want to have breakouts to deal with later in September. For a sure way to prevent those future breakouts, I recommend the Biolight™ Brightening Miracle Mask, and indeed it is a real, true miracle! It is a beautiful kaolin-based mask with glycolic acid but it is very gentle. You just take a little bit of it and apply it in even strokes all over your face and neck area and I also apply it on my hands as well. You will definitely have a gorgeous complexion and prevent those blackheads. Have a wonderful summer, enjoy, make sure your wear your sunscreen, but make sure you really deep cleanse your skin at night as well!


Welcome to Repêchage, a second chance for beautiful skin!

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