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How To Prevent Bacteria & Irritation On Your Skin After Cleansing or Masking

2 min read

Are you using a wash cloth when cleansing your face or removing a mask? Think again! Shiri Sarfati has a tip to prevent bacteria on your skin during your beauty routine.



Hi, I’m Shiri Sarfati and I want to share my beauty tip with you for making sure that your skin always feels refreshed, bacteria free and free of any irritation. Something that I notice all my friends end up doing is that when they’re masking or removing their makeup with cleanser, they go for their white wash cloth or any color wash cloth, and they simply wet it and remove any residue of the mask and the cleanser with the wash cloth. Now, the problem with the wash cloth is that I don’t know what detergent you used to wash this, there could be synthetic fragrances or irritants in it that will leave your skin red, irritated, blotchy, sensitive or sensitized. If you take this wash cloth and use it repeatedly, there could be bacteria in the wash cloth that you’re now applying on your skin.


So, I would say use this wash cloth to dry your sink from extra water but don’t use this on your face. Instead, I like to use disposable cotton squares and we actually have these online and I love these because they are not the cotton balls, they are these great long sheets. I just wet the cotton square with water and simply remove my eye makeup with it and remove the residue from my masks. It cleans very well, it’s non-irritating, it’s 100% cotton and you throw this our afterwards and you’ll never allow bacteria onto your skin.


Now, after you wash your skin what do you do? You take your wash cloth or your hand towel and you dry your skin from the water. I’m going to say don’t do that! This is called a hand towel for a reason, to dry your hands, not your face. If you’re repeatedly using this to dry your hands and now you’re drying your face, tons of bacteria can lay dormant in this hand towel; please don’t use this on your face! Instead, when your skin is wet, cleanse your skin, wet it with water, remove your mask, and then take disposable tissue and simply pat your skin dry very gently and then throw the tissue away.


This is a great way to make sure after a great cleanse or mask that your skin stays fresh and non-irritated, not red and never blotchy and you’ll never add bacteria back onto your skin. So, use these types of disposables, cotton squares and tissues, and then throw them out, and your skin will look great.


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