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How-To Make Dull, Dry Skin Glow

2 min read

Is your skin feeling dull and dehydrated all over from summer days in the sun? Shiri Sarfati has a body care tip to have your skin looking sexy and glowing again!



Hi, I’m Shiri Sarfati and hopefully you are all enjoying the wonderful summer days that we are having. I want to share a tip with you for keeping your skin well hydrated and looking its best.


You’ve probably spent the last month in the sun and drinking a few summer cocktails which can strip the skin of its natural oils and are really dehydrating. I recommend that when you take a shower, that you use a soap-free body wash. This is so important because soap actually strips the skin of its natural oils, causing surface dehydration, leaving you feeling itchy and flaky which is not a very attractive look. So using a soap-free and sulfate-free body wash, like our Repêchage Sea Spa Body Wash, is the perfect way to keep your skin healthy and very smooth after you emerge from the shower.


After your shower, just towel dry a little bit, but keep a little of the wetness from the shower on your skin and then apply a wonderful massage oil, like our Repêchage Sea Spa Massage, Bath & Body Oil. This smells so great, it is soy bean based and you can just massage this into your slightly dampened skin. This is going to help bind moisture and give you this really sexy, nice glow to your skin. What I love about this massage oil is not only does it smell wonderful but it doesn’t leave that greasy residue on your skin that a lot of massage oils do. I also just love the way the natural essential oil smells; it’s not too potent or full of fragrances, it’s just really delightful and gives a nice aromatherapy experience.


I hope you enjoyed this summer body care tip and please do leave your comments below. And share with me what you do to help your body feel fabulous all summer long. Thank you!

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