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Skin Care Tricks & Treats

2 min read

Eye of newt, and toe of frog…would you put it on your skin if it promised miracles? Don’t be fooled by gimmicks, we have separated the skin care tricks from the treats below!

Trick: Retinoic Acid. This can be a great ingredient when used sparingly, but when used in high concentrations, run for the hills! Often used against acne or fine lines and wrinkles, Retinoic Acid actually breaks down the protective barrier of the skin and can cause sensitivity, skin redness, dryness, itching or mild burning. So even though you might like the way your skin looks at first, in the long run it can actually cause irritation.
Treat: Peptides! What is a peptide? In short, by applying products that contain peptides to your skin you are helping to trick it into thinking that collagen is diminishing so that it produces more! So instead of breaking down your skin, build it up for a more youthful complexion. One of our fav plumping-peptide-products is the Vita Cura® Triple Firming Cream with Messenger Pentapeptide and Marine Biopeptides!
Trick: Petrolatum – also known as Petroleum jelly. Used in many expensive creams, this ingredient is no more luxurious than your drug store’s Vaseline.
Treat: Shea Butter – a truly luxe skin care ingredient, it nourishes skin with Vitamins A and E, while Vitamin F protects and rejuvenates. It helps create silky smooth skin and can even help prevent and treat stretch marks. See our Executive Vice President Shiri Sarfati uses it in her latest beauty vlog.
Trick: Pore Strips. These are basically just a fancy version of paper mache. This visual gimmick does little to improve the condition of the skin and can strip skin of its natural oils.
Treat: Instead of wrapping your face up like a mummy, take blackheads head-on. Use an exfoliator twice a week and protect your pores from the oxidative process with a daytime protection cream with anti-oxidants. Check out our product recommendations for treating and preventing blackheads here.
So skip the tricks and have your fill of treats, looking like a ghoul is only acceptable on Halloween!

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