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Why To Use a Hair Mask

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It’s almost Halloween! It’s that time of the year where face makeup goes into full effect, and out comes those spooky masks and crazy hairdos! We’ve given you tips for proper skincare in our Skin Care Tricks & Treats post and discussed Why You Should Use A Facial Mask but what about your hair? Especially if your costume requires you to tease, twist, and tangle your hair this Halloween, your hair is going to need some extra treatment!


Even when it isn’t Halloween, with all that we put our hair through, it is so important to go beyond just shampooing and conditioning. Do you color your hair, straighten it a few times a week, or use a lot of hairspray? Adding chemicals, applying heat or using product are habits that we all find hard to kick, and can come along with some unwanted side effects. Luckily, hair masks can help restore our hair to avoid a Cruella de Vil-do.


We recommend using our Hydra-Amino 18 Hair Spa Seaweed Maskone to two times a week to help make your hair feel healthier, smoother, and appear less frizzy! Apply it in the shower or leave it on after a night on the town for a deep treatment. The seaweeds in this treatment work together to repair stressed out tresses, strengthen damaged and chemically treated hair, and protect your hair from further damage. The natural avocado oil in this mask adds to the conditioning treatment by bringing moisture to your hair. Giving your hair this type of rich conditioning treatment will nourish your hair and to bring it back to life!


So don’t forget to do right by your hair this Halloween and give it that restoration it needs! Do you and your hair a favor, and give it the treatment it deserves!


Do you treat yourself to a hair mask? Tell us in the comments below!

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