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Avoid Winter Skin: Double-Duty Dry Skin Care

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With that winter chill in the air, is your skin starting to become more dry? Shiri Sarfati shares her tip on how to winterize your skincare to avoid dry skin! “Like” and “Share” if you enjoyed this tip and leave your comments below!


Hi, I’m Shiri Sarfati, and I want to share with you a great tip on how to winterize your skin, especially as we enter the cooler months. I am definitely feeling a chill in the air today! I want to share with you our Hydra Dew® Collection, and specifically our Hydra Dew® Nourishing Gel Cream. You might ask, why is this called a gel cream? Aren’t they two different things? It is either a gel or a cream! Well, the incredible thing about this product is that it has the fast absorption rate of a gel, but the luxurious feel of a cream. It is so great! I love to use this twice a day in the evening. As you can see, it does come on as a cream. I also love the little pointy area of the applicator because you can use this around the eye area, and it gives you just the right amount of product. It never gives you too much. You just use this in the evening as a full face night cream. It is extremely nourishing. It goes on very easily and quickly absorbs into the skin. You can use this all over your face, neck, and décolleté. It has a moisture boosting seaweed that gives high moisturization without feeling heavy on your skin. Especially right now, we need this extra moisturization, but we don’t want to feel heaviness on our skin. It is extremely lightweight. During the day, use your Hydra Dew® Moisturizing Day Cream and Hydra Dew® Nourishing Gel Cream,and just simply tap around the eye area. Definitely check out my video at How to Correctly Apply an Eye Cream and use the same tips that I used for the Hydra Dew® Nourishing Gel Cream around the eye area. This product is great because you have double action and double duty cream that goes from day to night, that you can use as an eye cream or an all over face. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this product!


I hope you like and share my tip, and enjoy using this product. Try it out this winter for great, glowing skin! Thank you!

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