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How to Contour Your Cheeks

1 min read

Want to get that defined look on your cheekbones? Repêchage Account Executive and licensed Esthetician Jasmina Mazari shares her tip on how to contour your cheeks! Please “like” and share. If you have any beauty questions or comments, please comment below!



Hi My name is Jasmina and I am an account executive here at Repêchage! I am also a licensed esthetician. Today, I would love to share a tip on how to contour your cheeks by using our Repêchage Natural Finish Pressed Powder. What I love about this powder is that it is fragrance free, and it does not clog your pours. What you first do is take your makeup brush, and dab it on your Repêchage powder. Starting from the temples, move the brush in a circular motion down the cheek bones. From the cheek bones, suck in the lips and move the brush, again, in circular motions down towards the lips. And there you have it!


I hope you like my beauty tip! Please “like” and share!

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