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Beauty Myth: Heat Makes Waxing Pots Sterile

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When it comes to hair removal, there is nothing like getting a professional wax treatment at a salon or spa. Wax does the trick in getting down to the root level, and preventing unwanted stubble upon re-growth. You may find waxing to be an attractive hair removal method, as well, because you are comforted by the fact that heat makes waxing pots sterile. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is our duty to put an end to this beauty myth.


In fact, proper temperature to kill all bacteria is 100 degrees Celsius, or 212 degrees Fahrenheit, for at least 30 minutes. Wax at this temperature would be scalding hot and extremely dangerous if it were to be applied to your skin. With that being said, just because wax is in a hot waxing pot, it is not completely sterile. This makes it so important to pay extra attention to the sanitation methods the salon or spa you are visiting is using. For starters, make sure the professional immediately washes his/her hands and puts on a pair of disposable gloves upon seeing you! Who knows what that person was doing or touching prior to coming in? Make sure his/her hands are clean and in disposable gloves! Next, pay attention to whether or not the professional engages in “double dipping.” Just like we won’t double dip our chips in dip at a barbeque, your waxer should not be double dipping applicators into the wax! If you see the professional double dipping during your session, most likely this isn’t the first time, and you are not in a sanitary establishment. Pay attention to not only double dipping, but the entire environment of the waxing room. Scope out the room – are non-disposables, such as tweezers and scissors, being stored in an anti-bacterial autoclave? If not, red flag! Even if going in for a routine eyebrow wax treatment, don’t overlook these proper precautions and procedures. Your chances of infection and susceptibility to disease at the time of waxing are much higher because your hair follicles are open, making it very possible to contract anything from a minor infection to a serious disease.


So, next time you are going in for your weekly wax, be smart. If your salon or spa is giving into the false claim that heat makes waxing pots sterile, or is partaking in improper sanitary procedures, consider going elsewhere. You are paying for a service, and it your body that is involved – you deserve the best!


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