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Shine Off with T-Zone

1 min read

Hi, I’m Natalie Otto, licensed Esthetician and Corporate Educator at Repêchage. Today I would like to share with you a special beauty tip, and to introduce a brand new product!



Let’s talk about combination skin and your t-zone area. When you have combination skin, your t-zone, which includes your forehead, nose, and chin, tends to get oily and your cheeks stay dry. If you have combination skin, your best solution is T-Zone Balance Shine Control Serum! This is our newest addition to the T-Zone collection. This wonderful lightweight serum has ingredients like Laminaria Saccharina Seaweed, Vitamin E and Zinc, to help protect the skin. It also has Salycilic Acid to help control oil production. You can apply it over your entire face or just on areas of concern. For me, my areas of shininess are my forehead, nose and chin. I apply it and soothe it over my forehead, on my nose and my chin area. The lemongrass oil in this product gives it an amazing scent and purifies the skin. Right after, I can follow up with makeup. This looks wonderful! You can use this product every time before you apply your makeup. Come spring the only thing that will be shining is the sun, not your skin!


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