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Beauty No-No’s: Sleeping With Makeup On!

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After a long day of work, or a night out on the town, sometimes all you want to do is skip the sink and hop into bed! Although there is some serious temptation to let laziness take over, here are some reasons why you should always make the effort to head to the bathroom and remove your makeup before bed!


Clogged Pores & Pillow Contamination

Leaving your makeup on overnight and not choosing to wash your face can lead to clogged pores. Choosing not to wash your face and remove your makeup means all the makeup and dirt/debris that your face may have been collected will remain, and will transfer to your pillow instead of down the drain! Unless you are washing your pillow every night or changing your pillow case, the next time you put your face to a pillow it will be to a contaminated one! This process can lead to unnecessary and easily avoidable breakouts. Rather than taking that risk, make sure to cleanse your face correctly, and choose an appropriate cleanser to ensure your makeup is removed and your face and pillow are bacteria-free! Don’t think using facial wipes will suffice either – they will not give your skin the intense cleansing it needs!


Irritated & Infected Eyes

Failing to remove makeup can not only leave you with clogged pores and breakouts, but this can really irritate your eyes which are extremely sensitive to begin with. Any left over mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, etc. can easily enter your eye causing redness or itchiness. Especially if you have a tendency to rub your eyes throughout the day, and then choose not to remove makeup and clean your eyes before bed, if bacteria was transmitted in the process this can cause a bigger problem then you may realeyes.


Raccoon Eyes

To be blunt,waking up with a face full of makeup isn’t a cute look! Raccoon eyes are enough to scare yourself when looking in the mirror in the morning! So, if not for the sake of avoiding breakouts and infected eyes, for the sake of beauty, grab some cotton, and some Repêchage Opti-Cleanse Extra Gentle Non-Oily Eye Makeup Remover, and do your eyes a favor!


Do you notice a difference between sleeping with and without makeup? Tell us in the comments below!

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