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Beauty Myth: It’s Okay to Pop a Pimple

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Nothing can spoil your morning like looking into the mirror and seeing a fresh pimple starting back at you. Your initial reaction – to squeeze the life out of it with your fingers! As tempting as this may be, refrain from doing so. Some may try to argue otherwise, but popping a pimple is NOT okay.


While popping a pimple may mean a temporary fix, it can lead to more problems for your skin. When you pop a pimple, bacteria or oil can enter into the skin – especially if your hands are not clean! The dirt, oil, and bacteria that they carry can lead to more redness and inflammation. This is why you may find that the day after you pop a pimple a new one makes it’s way onto your skin, taking it’s place. Even worse, popping a pimple can lead to scarring. Digging your finger nails deep into the skin can cause serious irritation, and leave you with an unpleasant scar that could have been avoided if you had resisted the temptation to pop away!


Rather than running the risk of making your pimple situation worse, we suggest you leave it to the pros and leave it to the products! If your pimple situation is a little out of hand, visit a qualified esthetician to receive a professional extraction treatment. Professionals know the appropriate methods and have the proper tools to administer sanitary extractions and remove any forms of acne from your skin. They can also advise proper skincare to use at home to help prevent future breakouts from occurring.


If you’re a person who tends to wake up with a pimple here and there, then a great solution is our Hydra Medic Clear Complexion Drying Lotion. Whether you wake up with a zit, or feel one starting to develop, you can apply this lotion directly to the area – it works overnight!


Have you had any bad experiences with popping your pimples? Tell us in the comments below!


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