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Skin Through the Ages Series – 5 Skin Care Tips for Teens!

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The best way to star good beauty habits – start in our teenage years! That’s we wanted to start off our blog series, skin through the ages, with 5 tips for teens!


1. Upgrade to a facial cleanser – If you’ve been using a bar of soap to cleanse your face, it’s time to toss it away and upgrade to a professional facial cleanser. Make sure you are using your cleanser both morning and night. Cleansing before bed is necessary to remove makeup, dirt and debris from your face and help prevent breakouts. Cleansing in the morning will help remove sweat and dead skin cell build up from overnight. Plus, a little luke warm water just might do the trick of helping you feel less zombie-like in the morning!  P.S. Don’t just splish-splash – Make sure you are cleansing your face the right way.


2. Make beauty fun – What’s one way to trigger good habits & have fun at the same time doing it? Weekend beauty nights with your girlfriends! Pop in a movie, paint your nails and throw on a mask! You’ll have fun and your skin will thank you for it!


3. See an esthetician if you have breakouts. Don’t start popping and picking, and trying to search for mysterious at home acne remedies. Save your time and see a professional who will be able to evaluate your skin on an individual basis, and provide you with the best home-care remedy.


4. The sun & your skin are not friends. Your friends may go tanning or choose to put on oil while at the beach, but trust us, their middle aged selves are going to really regret these habits. Avoid these habits and start wearing a moisturizer with sun protection. This is going to keep your skin hydrated, and keep your skin beautiful for the future!


5. Clean out your makeup bag – A makeup bag can be messy, and is also a culprit for bacteria and germs. Chuck any makeup that has been in use for six months or longer! Especially a bronzer, foundation compact or cream blush that you are reusing with the same applicator.  Don’t forget to clean your brushes and sponges between uses so that you are not putting bacteria back into your compact.  If you are a daily bronzer user, be sure to use a granular exfoliator at least three times a week.


Teens, how do you take care of your skin? Tell us in the comments below!

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