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Beauty Myth: You Can’t Wear Makeup If You Have a Breakout

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Whether it be a pop-up pimple or a full on breakout, some would say wearing makeup in these conditions is a serious no-no. Let the skin breathe “they” say – but breakouts are what makeup was made to cover!


The truth is, you can wear makeup if you have breakouts, but when it comes to putting on your makeup, be smart! Look for lightweight, non-greasy, oil-free makeup that is labeled non-comedogenic, which is another way to say it won’t clog your pores. You don’t want makeup containing oils such as mineral oil that can clog your pores. When it comes to application, apply it lightly and don’t cake it on. Remember, a little goes a long way! You can even opt to go with a mineral powder  in conjunction with your foundation or alone. Mineral powders will help to conceal any oil or shine on your skin.


If you are having re-occurring breakouts, treat them! Don’t hesitate to think they will just go away on their own, or use makeup as a way to conceal your acne. Treat unexpected breakouts with an overnight pimple cream, and of make sure you are washing your face morning & night.  If your skin is oily and break outs happen here and there, try using an oil-fighting cleanser to help reduce oil. Follow with an appropriate toner, use a serum to control shine throughout the day, and of course exfoliate twice a week with an oil-controlling face mask that will also to help rid your skin of dead skin cells & bacteria that leads to clogged pores and breakouts. Even try incorporating a natural nutritional supplement for clear skin into your diet to help ensure you are receiving a wealth of vitamins and minerals to help keep your skin clear. If you seem to have full-fledged acne, incorporate an acne-fighting regimen into your routine, and visit a professional esthetician who will be able to evaluate your skin on an individual basis and provide you with proper treatments for your skin.


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