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Which Face Mask is Right for Me? Normal to Oily Skin

2 min read

Hi everyone! For this week’s mask blog series, I want to tell you about the perfect masks for normal, combination & oily skin types – our Honey & Almond Scrub & One-Minute Exfoliating Mask.



Honey & Almond Scrub is great for both normal & combination skin types, and smells amazing with its wonderful ingredients! This mask contains a combination of pure honey, oatmeal and almond meal that work together to purify & deep cleanse the skin. The oatmeal and almond meal in particular act as natural exfoliants to remove dead skin cell build up and leave your skin super-clean and super-smooth.


Our One-Minute Exfoliating Mask is also great to use, as it helps to cleanse your pores and remove oil and dirt build up. Use it at your sink or in the shower – it only takes one minute! The Laminaria Saccharina Seaweed in this mask in particular is the key ingredient that will help to absorb any of that excess oil without over-drying! Like the Honey & Almond Scrub, it contains natural exfoliators – particularly rice bran wax and lactic acid to do the trick! There are no plastic exfoliators that contribute to polluting our waters & killing fish! Plus, it helps to improve skin clarity & color, with ingredients like Lemongrass Oil and Kojic Acid. This mask also smells amazing, and helps to prevent breakouts!



Apply a thin layer over face. Massage lightly, paying special attention to areas with enlarged pores or blackheads. Rinse at your sink or in the shower for instantly revived skin. Follow with appropriate astringent. This is also excellent for men as a pre-shave exfoliator to avoid in-grown hairs.


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