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3 Tips for Managing Your Makeup

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If you’re a fan of beauty like us, then you definitely love makeup, and have probably made a good investment in your collection. To ensure you get the best return on this investment and that your makeup only benefits your skin, here are 3 tips to follow!


1. Look for beneficial ingredients in your makeup – For example, choose a concealer that contains ingredients like cucumber oil, which can help soothe and reduce puffiness in the eye area, or a foundation that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to help protect your skin from the environment. Makeup is something you use and apply on your skin every day, be selective in which you use!


2. Know when it’s time to toss it – Have you been using the same mascara for a year now? This is a serious beauty no-no! In fact, mascara should be replaced every 6 months. Here’s a breakdown of when you should throw out your other makeup staples:

  • Liquid Foundation – 6 months
  • Eye Shadow – 6 months
  • Eye Liner – 3 months
  • Powder – 6 months
  • Lipstick – 6 months
  • Concealer – 6 months
  • Blush – 6 months


Old makeup can lead to both skin and eye irritations, so keep track of when you buy your makeup, whether it’s by making a mark on your makeup or on your calendar, and toss it away when it’s time.


3. Clean your makeup bag & brushes – Aside from cleaning out your make up bag, make sure you are cleaning both your makeup bag and brushes! Between spilled foundations, powder, eye liner, and dirty applicators your makeup bag can be a culprit for germs and bacteria. The same goes for your brushes, which should be cleaned every day. Use an anti-bacterial face wash to gently disinfect your brushes. This will not only benefit your skin, but prevent serious bacterial infections. And of course, if both seem to be run down and have had their use – don’t be afraid to toss them away!


What tips do you have for managing your makeup? Tell us in the comments below

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