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5 Reasons Why Your Skin May Be Dry

2 min read

Dry skin comes along with the winter time, but perhaps you are not realizing that some of these 5 things are making your dry skin situation worse!

1) Blasting Heat in Your Car

You may have heard how blasting the heat at home can be a causing factor of dryness, but so can the heat in your car.

*TIP - Don’t point the heat directly at your face! Keep a hydrating facial spray with you to add a spritz of hydration (Of course, don’t spray & drive!)

2) The Aging Process

The winter weather contributes to dryness, but perhaps it’s the natural aging process that is the underlying issue for your skin. As we age, sebum production slows down and you skin loses essential oils.

*TIP – Use a serum, followed by a rich cream to restore moisture loss

3) Using Hand Sanitizer

Are you one who likes their hands to be clean all the time? While we support sanitation and clean practices, over using your hand sanitizer (especially during the winter) could be contributing to your dry hands – especially if you’re coupling this with the frequent use of hand soap.

*TIP – Keep a travel size hand cream with you at all times, and apply regularly!

4) Applying Petroleum-based Lip Products

Petroleum based products actually lock out moisture, creating a seal on the surface – so if you’re lips are already dry, you’re preventing moisture from getting in.

*TIP – Opt for lip productswith ingredients like Mafura Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E to protect, nourish and hydrate your lips.

5) Your Medications

If you notice your skin is extremely dry, it could be as a result of the medications you are taking.

*TIP – Speak with your doctor about the medications you are taking to see if this is a contributing factor. 


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