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How to Make the Most of Your Time Inside

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Just this past week, winter storm Juno made her mark, causing much of the east coast to be forced to stay inside! As we’ve experienced, winter time translates to more time spent indoors, and less time outdoors. Although plopping on the couch all day with a bag of potato chips can sound appealing, we wanted to provide some healthy alternatives for time spent inside.


Meditate –Use time spent inside as an opportunity to get some much needed alone time and unwind. Shut off your phone, put away the computer, and tell others in your household not to interrupt you, even if for just 15 minutes! One great way to mediate is through a luxurious bath. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed both physically & mentally afterwards.


Mask –Being stuck inside is a great opportunity to do some pampering. Especially if a busy schedule doesn’t allow you to get as much beauty time as you want, or causes you to forget to mask twice a week,  take advantage of opportunities when you’re inside. Try putting on your favorite face mask and a conditioning hair mask while you’re in the shower.  Your skin and hair will thank you!


Exercise –Just because you’re stuck inside and can’t physically get to the gym, doesn’t mean you need to be sluggish! You can do some mini exercises at home. Search YouTube for some at home workouts, pop in a workout DVD, or even try Yoga (another great way to meditate). Burning calories, getting your body moving and blood flow going will have you feeling better all around.


What are some healthy activities you do for time spent inside? Tell us in the comments below!

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