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Spring Escape Preparation – Waxing!

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Waxing before a getaway makes our lives so much easier – no stubble to worry about or need to pack a razor. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts to make your experience happy and sanitary!


Do – Pay attention to equipment and implements in the treatment room!  Are disposables placed in a closed lid jar? Are tweezers/scissors in an autoclave (not in the pocket of an esthetician)? Is the esthetician wearing gloves? Are the walls and treatment bed clean?


Do – Moisturize after your waxing treatment! Although the purpose of waxing is to remove hair, the skin is affected. Use a moisturizing and nourishing oil to help replenish your skin’s moisture barrier and condition the waxed area.


Do – Exfoliate between waxing appointments to help reduce the chance of any ingrown hairs. An exfoliator with sea salts, oils, and peppermint, is perfect to use, or you can try dry brushing.


Do– Use sunscreen.  Skin should always be protected, especially after a wax!


Don’t– Shave or trim your hair before waxing, or shave between waxing services. Hair should be at least ¼ of an inch long so your esthetician is able to remove the hair root and hair shaft.


Don’t – Get a wax at a salon that doesn’t practice the sanitary habits mentioned!


Make sure you’re practicing these safe waxing habits & remember to leave waxing to the beauty professionals!

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