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Exfoliation 101

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Hi, I’m Natalie Otto – licensed Esthetician and Corporate Educator at Repêchage.



As we are transitioning out of winter into spring, now is the time to exfoliate.



Exfoliation means getting rid of dead skin cells. Too much dead skin cell build up does not allow for products to penetrate the skin, and not exfoliating will leave your skin dull looking. You should be exfoliating between 2 and 3 times a week in order to revive your skin for a healthy glow!


A.H.A vs. B.H.A vs. Granular Exfoliants… What’s the difference?


AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)


There are many different types of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which actually are derived from natural sources.

  • Glycolic Acid comes from the from sugar cane.
  • Lactic Acid is derived from sour milk.
  • Fruit Acids, like Malic Acid is from apples, Citric Acid from lemons and Tartaric Acid from grapes.
  • These different kinds of AHA’s help to exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells on the surface of your skin.


BHAs (Best Hydroxy Acids)


Another type of acids is Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) or Salicylic Acid which is derived from willowbark. Salicylic Acid is best for treating acne and oily skin types, as it helps reduce oily build up.


Granular Exfoliants

Oatmeal, Almond Meal and Rice Bran Wax are examples of physical or granular exfoliants. All of these help to remove dead skin cells and are biodegradable.


Where can these exfoliants be found?


  • Exfoliating products, such as our Rapidex Marine Exfoliator, contain a combination of AHA’s I discussed, and is great for all skin types. Rapidex actually contains 14 individual ampules to ensure you’re not over exfoliating, and is a great spring training program for your skin!
  • For granular exfoliants – our Honey & Almond Scrub has oatmeal and almond meal, and is especially great for more sensitive skin types. Our One-Minute Exfoliating Mask has rice bran wax and the AHA lactic acid, along with other oil-controlling ingredients if your skin is on the oily side.
  • Face washes & serums can even contain exfoliating ingredients as well! Our Hydra Medic Face Wash Foaming Gel Cleanser and Beta Hydroxy Serum have the Salicylic Acid to give your skin a mild exfoliation.


Don’t forget to exfoliate this spring, and thank you for watching!


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