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How to Exfoliate Your Lips

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Spring is here and as we gave you tips last week, now more than ever is the time to exfoliate! Last week we gave tips for exfoliating your face, and this week want to provide tips for exfoliating your lips.



Exfoliating your lips at least 2-3 times a week in the morning before applying lipstick and at night, after removing lip stick is going to ensure smooth lips for spring. Especially at night, lips may be extra dry, which is linked to ingredients in lipsticks.


While there are many lip scrubs out there, we love to use our Honey & Almond Scrub. Not only is it gentle for the face, but it is safe and effective to use on the lips too.


How to Use? Simply scoop a small amount from the jar, and massage onto the lips. The Oatmeal and Almond Meal will help remove flakiness, and honey in this scrub actually helps to bring moisture to the skin.


If you’re an avid lipstick wearer, trust us, exfoliating your lips is going to transform your pout! Also, opt for a more hydrating gloss to leave your lips flake-free, such as our Rock Star Conditioning Lip Gloss!


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