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4th of July Skin Care Tips

1 min read

Fourth of July is almost here! If you’ll be spending time outdoors, we have some tips to keep your skin healthy!



Keep your skin hydrated

Keep your skin hydrated. Drinking a lot of water to keep hydrated within is important but also hydrate on the outside. Use a hydrating mist like our Algo Mist a few times a day if you’ll be outdoors. Especially if you’re heading to the beach, this is a beach bag essential.



Midsummer heat and sunshine that comes along with this time of year means you need to be protected. Shield your skin with our new Mineral Face Shield. This will provide your skin with smooth, all-day protection, and it is non-comedogenic and not oily so there is no need to worry about breakouts. Plus, it can double up as a primer. I love to use it before I put on my liquid foundation every morning.


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