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3 Tips to Treat Your Skin Post Wax

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Hi I’m Natalie Otto – licensed esthetician and Repêchage corporate educator. We know summer time means more frequent trips to the salon/spa for your wax appointments. While we recommend visiting a salon near you that offers our SeaSmooth Artisan Seaweed Wax, we also want to provide you with tips to treat your skin after your appointments.



Exfoliation is what is going to help prevent stubborn ingrown hairs that form on your bikini area or legs. A few days before/after, not the day of, make sure to use a body scrub on the areas you will be waxing to remove dead skin cell and prevent those ingrown hairs from arising.


If your skin is sensitive, it shouldn’t go unnoticed. After your wax treatments, apply a soothing gel like our Hydra Soleil Deep Relief Tea Gel with aloe vera, natural teas and Deep Sea thermaphillys to help calm and soothe your skin.  For lip/brow areas, if your face experiences sensitivity apply a calming astringent like our Herbal Astringent which contains a blend of soothing herbs. Additionally, remember that your follicles are open after a wax treatment which is why you may experience breakouts. Anti-bacterial ingredients in this astringent will help to prevent them from occurring.


To nourish your skin post-wax use our Vita Cura Nutri Oil that has a blend of oils, including Carrot Oil, Olive Oil, and Mafura Oil to name a few, to help heal and condition your skin.


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