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Beat the End of Summer Blues!

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It’s only the beginning of August, but if you head out to the store or the mall fall beauty products and clothes are front and center, reminding us all that a change in season is coming! If you feel like summer is slowly slipping away and the summer blues are kicking in, we’ve got some tips to help you squeeze the most of your last few weeks.


Get a summer glow

If you’ve been hard at work and feel you can’t compete with the beach babes, you can still turn that around! When you hear the words “summer glow” an image of a bronzed and shimmery body comes to mind. If you’re lacking in this look, take our advice – use a sun-less tanner.  Not only is this a faster way to get a glow, but eliminates your risk of UV damage! (Don’t even think twice about heading to the tanning salon!) For a shimmer, follow with a body oil. This will help you get your glow on, and leave your skin hydrated and smooth to the touch!


Get that end of summer body

One reason why we all look our best in summer: fresh food! It’s not too late to start eating healthier with fresh salads, summer fruit, and drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon or detoxifying juices. Carry these habits with you into the fall season. You’ll feel better, look better, and come winter, you won’t have to fend off winter weight gain!


Get some rest & relaxation

Plan a weekend getaway before it’s too late, stat! Getting away for a few days will do your mind and body some good, and get that rest and relaxation that summer is about! If things at home make it hard to get away, opt a “staycation” and bring the beach to you with a detoxifying seaweed bath – you’ll feel like you’re in the ocean when you’re really in your own oasis at home!



How do you beat the end of summer blues? Tell us below!

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