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3 Habits Causing You to Break Out

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Breakouts happen to the best of us, but what you may not realize is some of your personal habits are the root cause of why they are happening. Read below to see if you’re guilty of these breakout-causing habits!


Not Washing Your Face

Now’s the time of year where maybe you’ve been ditching your foundation, or putting on less makeup, so you think washing your face isn’t as important. Even if this is the case, dead skin cells and oil, which lead to breakouts, are still accumulating on your skin! Therefore if you’re not cleansing, you’re probably breaking out!  And when we say cleansing, we don’t mean a quick 1-2-3 splash water on your face, rub some face wash, and remove with the nearest towel in site. There is a proper technique when it comes to washing your face – Watch our tutorial to make sure you’re doing it the right way: How to Cleanse Your Face – The Right Way!


Touching Your Face

Do you avoid touching your hair to prevent it from getting greasy? Apply this same concept to your face! From touching desks, keyboards, door knobs, etc. throughout the day, they are filled with bacteria. If those same hands are brought to your face, breakouts are going to happen! Apply this same rule to your phone too – avoid bringing it directly to your face and hitting it against your check and chin. This can irritate your skin.


Hair Accessories

Hats, headbands, and scarves can be super-cute and spice up any look, but they too can be causing your breakouts. They absorb makeup and oil from touching your forehead. If you’re not washing them, you’re putting this back onto your skin each time you wear them. Wash them regularly and don’t use fabric softeners, which can contain ingredients that are also pore-clogging.


If breakouts have been taking over, make sure to reverse these habits, and watch watch our video on how to get rid of unexpected breakouts.

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