Spice Up Your Skin Care! Herbs and Spices For Healthier Skin

You’ve probably gotten your dose at Thanksgiving, and you’ll probably find many of these at Christmas dinner too, but did you know that many herbs and spices can do some serious good for your skin as well? Read below!


Rich in iron, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants, Rosemary extract helps prevent aging and infections. It has the ability to stimulate cell growth to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rosemary extract is also known to help treat acne, improve skin complexion, reduce swelling and soothe the skin.


Sage extract is obtained by extraction from the flowering plant Salvia Officinalis, a small evergreen perennial native to the Mediterranean region. It is known to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent properties, Sage leaf extract has the ability to protect the skin from free radicals and reverse the signs of aging. The regulation of sebum production in oily skin has also been associated with Sage leaf extract.


Essential oils from Basil are used for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.


The presence of flavonoid, apigenin, and essential oil compounds, such as bisabolol and chamazulene make Chamomile extract an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Studies have shown that Chamomile contains antioxidant, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties that help protect the skin from infection and speed up healing.


Vanilla is a naturally occurring compound found in vegetable oils, and is a natural anti-oxidant valued for its skin soothing and regenerating properties.


The ingredient known for skin lightening benefits of the plant is Glabridin. Glabridin inhibits pigmentation by preventing tyrosinase activity without cytotoxicity. Also provides strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemon Balm

Rich in caffeic and rosmarinic acids, both powerful anti-oxidants, Lemon Balm Leaf Extract (also known as Melissa officinalis) is a plant belonging to the mint family that is known to trigger a healthy immune response and strengthen cell walls. It is also known for calming the skin and treating inflammation.


Cleansing and purifying for the skin, the oil from lemongrass is used for its excellent antiseptic properties on the skin. It also helps normalize oil production and reduce breakouts.


The essential oil of lavender is used for its aromatherapy and calming properties. It is also effective in treating acne, dermatitis and oily skin problems, as it is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredient.


Rooibos has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging properties. Rooibos Tea is known to protect the skin against oxidative stress, making it a great anti-aging ingredient as well.


So even though you may be getting a heavy dose of herbs and spices through holiday meals or pumpkin spice lattes, don’t forget to also look for them in your skin care!

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