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How to Prevent Turkey Neck

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The only one that should have to deal with turkey neck this Thanksgiving is the Butterball in your dining room table! No one should have to deal with “turkey neck” - the sagging, discolored skin that forms in your neck area. Although it comes about in your early forties, and is more noticeable around menopause, there are things you can be doing now to prevent it!


A big contributor to sagging skin in the neck area is weight gain or weight gain followed by extreme loss. It’s okay to cheat on Thanksgiving and around the holidays, but from day-to-day, a healthy diet/exercise ritual should be maintained to keep a healthy body fat ratio.  The American Council of Exercise recommends the following body-fat percentage for men and women:

Percent Body Fat Norms
for Men and Women




Essential Fat















(From the American Council of Exercise)

If you fall in between these recommendations, you’re less likely to have excess skin sagging.


As you know, providing your face with SPF protection is going to help prevent early skin aging in the form of wrinkles and dark spots. The key is to remember to bring this protection down to your neck and also your décolleté area each and every time you apply your protection! Skin on these areas is thinner than on your face, meaning light can cause collage in your skin to break down, making neck skin more susceptible to wrinkles and damage from the sun.

Hydration – Serum + Moisturizer

You should also be applying your face serum and moisturizer on your neck as well! Skin that is dehydrated or dry (we’ll be discussing the difference between the two next week) is more susceptible to early aging – so don’t forget to layer both products onto to your neck area. Remember, no matter how well you’re taking care of your face, if your neck is not treated – you’re not fooling anyone of your age! Watch how to give yourself a facial massage on your face, neck and décolleté, your nighttime moisturizer.

And for those who are experiencing turkey neck, you should start to follow the tips mentioned! For skin hydration, try using an anti-aging serum and anti-aging moisturizer  with peptides to help firm the skin and reduce the appearance of your wrinkles. You can also seek a little help through your makeup – a slightly dark foundation or powder can be applied under your chin area. This helps create the illusion of a slimmer jawline.


Have any other tips to help prevent the dreaded turkey neck? Experiencing turkey neck and found a regimen that is helping your skin? Share with us all in the comments below!

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